I’m trying not to freak out

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Okay, when I logged into gchat this morning and updated my status, you (formerly orange) turned green for a second and then went offline.  It feels like you’re avoiding me.  I know that probably makes me  a neurotic maniac, but there you go.  It’s just a little hurtful; I haven’t even started a conversation with you in months!  It’s not as if I’m a continual pest.  But maybe, in the best possible world, you just went to lunch?!

It’s undoubtedly unhealthy for me to “keep track” of you like this.  But (besides Facebook, where you are annoyingly sporadic), it’s the last little link I’m allowing myself to you.  It’s hard enough for me to have stopped all other forms of communication.  These are my final, faint gossamer tethers.

Okay, enough with the maudlin.  The funniest thing I’m not sending you today (which I think you’d really appreciate) is a tweet archived on

“Programming is a lot like sex. One mistake and you could have to support it the rest of your life.” — digitaldean8


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