I still love you

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2009 at 9:15 pm

I’ve wondered about my sudden equanimity (where you’re concerned; I certainly don’t have it in any other sphere) of late.  Were you really a crush that had finally run its course?  Did 15 weeks (tomorrow) of not seeing you actually do the trick?

Then today she made a public comment about “snuggling up for a nap” on what I know is your designated liaison day, and it made me sad.  It didn’t stun me with pain like it might have 5 months ago, but it made me wistful, and filled me with longing.

She’s so lucky, that she gets to spend time with you, and gets to brag about it to the whole world.  I hope she appreciates her good fortune.  And I hope you’re truly happy with her.

I wish I could’ve made you happy, the way just seeing you and hearing your voice made my heart thrill.  I loved to make you laugh, even more than I loved to make you moan!  But I didn’t have whatever she does.


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