He tasks me

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2009 at 2:15 pm

I swear, Lee,  it’s going to be all your fault if I do poorly in school.  I’m working against another deadline here and I made the mistake of checking FB (you’d just uploaded your Halloween pics).

I immediately experienced that sinking stomach feeling — it’s difficult to describe, but it makes me feels instantly ill.  It’s like I’ve been injected with a poisonous compound of some sort.

And now I can’t focus on the paper I need to be writing.  I’m just reeling over the serious turn your relationship has taken.  You’re taking her to parties now!  Soon you’ll be changing your FB status to ‘in a relationship.’

Why is this throwing me so much??  Between this and my appt. on Wednesday (that only you know about, btw), my thoughts are like dandelion fluff.  Where am I going to find the will to buckle down and do a good job?  I know this topic, but am I going to sabotage myself by not leaving enough time to write about it well?

I am dating!  I’m having a fairly good time doing it, too.  So why can’t I shake you?  Why can’t I let you go?  YOU PICKED HER.  Why can’t my treacherous heart remember that?


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