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I’ll try anything

In Uncategorized on December 10, 2009 at 11:22 am

Trying desperately to kick start my writing flow, I decided to compose a blog post to you.  I’ve been trying to start writing the first of two term papers (both due in 38 hours) for the past day, I’m not kidding.  I slept in restless chunks, an hour here and an hour there.  I’m by turns headache-y, fatigued, and loose-boweled.  How’s that for TMI?!

I know I was distracted when I was actually seeing you during the spring and I had papers to write, but it feels so much worse now.  I’m so starved for contact that I check my e-mail and Facebook obsessively.  I seem to have zero ability to focus.

Maybe it’s a blessing that we’re back to almost zero contact (it’s already been a month since we saw each other in the flesh, can you believe it?).  I wouldn’t want you to see me going through these torturous contortions of mind and body.  But would you surprise me, and offer me the support I’m missing from the guy I’m currently seeing?  I’m unhappy that I keep calling my ex-boyfriend for a shoulder to cry on, but he seems to be the only one who can talk me off the ledge.