It’s been a year, more or less

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2010 at 11:41 am

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the first time we met in person.  I considered sending you a short note commemorating the occasion, but didn’t.

Right now you’re on Gchat for the first time in days, but I’m invisible.  A metaphor for real life, maybe??  I’m sure you rarely think of me; I might as well be invisible in your life.

You have handled my feelings for you gracefully.  I did my best to make it easy, certainly — but still, when some guys feel trapped, acting like a dick is their fallback defense.  I wish, I wish…

I wish I meant something to you.  I wish you didn’t love H.  I wish I was in your bed, with you in me.


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